Hogwarts Legacy Player Discovers Mysterious New Location Almost a Year After Release

Hogwarts Legacy has been out for almost a year and is the best-selling game of 2023. These two things combined should mean there’s nothing left to discover in the game, but PC users via mods and exploits continue to discover bits and pieces of the Harry Potter game we have never seen. To this end, one player has discovered a rather mysterious new location in the game that appears to be an unused area of the grotto.

Taking to Reddit, user “JPWthrowaway” relayed word of the discovery, noting they have never seen the location in any part of the game, something the comments have echoed. The location is nothing particularly special, but it does have a very mysterious aurora. As for why it was never used, as far as we know, we don’t know, but it’s not uncommon for complete content to be left out of a game.

“I saw this but didn’t know about the ghost mod so I just spent ages trying to see if there was a way to get to the house, was convinced I was missing a puzzle or something to get to that area,” reads one of the comments. “Wonder what it was meant to be…”

Stumbled upon this interesting little unused area of a grotto. I can’t recall seeing this in any other part of the game
u/AJPWthrowaway in

Of course, if any more information about this area surfaces online, whether through an unofficial source or an official source, we will be sure to update the story accordingly.

Hogwarts Legacy is available via Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X. For more coverage on the Harry Potter game — including everything between the latest news, the latest rumors and leaks, and the latest deals — click here.

“While it doesn’t do everything perfectly, Hogwarts Legacy stimulates the imagination with a rich world to explore and gameplay that empowers and thrills the player,” reads a snippet of our review of the game. “The Harry Potter films had the tough task of taking words on a page and creating a visual language for them. Hogwarts Legacy had the even tougher task of taking that visual language and making it interactive, ultimately expanding it all into something that is fun to play and immerse yourself in. Although there’s still a long year ahead of us and tons of great looking games on the horizon, Hogwarts Legacy is already one of the best games of 2023.”