GTA 6 Fans Think They’ve Found Lucia’s Actress

Grand Theft Auto VI fans think they have found the actress who plays Lucia, one of the game’s main characters. GTA 6 is one of the most anticipated games of all-time and will follow up the second best selling game ever released, just behind Minecraft. It’s going to be a massive pop culture event, possibly unlike anything we have really seen before in the gaming world. With that said, it has been treated with immense secrecy for years at this point. Rockstar Games‘ last game, Red Dead Redemption 2, was released in 2018 and it can be assumed that work started on Grand Theft Auto VI around then, if not a little bit before that. Yet, we really know very little. It wouldn’t be until 2022 when Rockstar Games would finally mention the mere idea of a new Grand Theft Auto and nearly two years after that we’d get the first trailer and look at the game.

Of course, there were some leaks before then which gave us a rough idea of the game. Despite there being a lot of footage, it was so unfinished, it was hard to make out concrete details about the game. It did confirm that we’d be returning to Vice City and confirmed rumors of two playable characters: a male and female in a Bonnie and Clyde-esque relationship. The characters, Lucia and Jason, quickly became the subjects of all kinds of speculation with many trying to figure out who the actors behind the characters are. There were many assumptions made, but it seemed like all of them were wrong. Once the trailer for GTA 6 was released and we got a better look at the characters along with being able to hear their voices, fans started scouring the internet for more information. It seems fans have found the actress who plays Lucia and think an actress named Mani L. Perez is playing her. YouTuber LegacyKillaHD stated a source had told him a while ago that Perez is indeed playing Lucia, but we have no confirmation right now.

All we have to go off of are looks and her voice. While she is a dead ringer for Lucia, it’s possible it’s not her. Rockstar Games does tend to use the likenesses of their actors for their characters, but that’s not a hard and fast rule. Dutch doesn’t look much like actor Benjamin Byron Davis, but that’s also likely because the character was created before Rockstar Games began matching the likeness of the actor to the character and it would’ve been too drastic of a difference to adjust that for Red Dead Redemption 2. Either way, we likely won’t know until much, much closer to launch. Rockstar likes to keep these things a secret, even if people have already figured it out. This is likely to make sure the actors don’t get pestered during production and there’s little chance of an NDA being broken as a result.