Gears of War Creator Isn’t Consulting on New Movie; Weighs in on Dave Bautista Casting

Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski has spoken about the upcoming movie in a new interview. Gears of War is one of Xbox‘s biggest franchises and is arguably its second biggest IP behind Halo, though that becomes more of a grey area when you consider Microsoft has acquired some of the biggest franchises in gaming in recent years. Nevertheless, the series proved Xbox wasn’t a one-hit wonder when Gears of War launched in the first year of the Xbox 360. Each game would continue to get better and better during the Xbox 360 era and also helped put Epic Games on the map in a major way. After Gears of War 3, Epic Games moved on from the franchise along with creator Cliff Bleszinski. Epic would go on to make Fortnite and Bleszinski would go on to make Lawbreakers, a FPS that unfortunately failed to make much of an impression and resulted in the closure of Bleszinski’s then-new studio.

The Gears franchise has continued on at The Coalition and continued to maintain a strong audience, strong enough that Netflix is adapting the series into a feature film. The film was announced almost a full year ago, but we haven’t gotten any notable updates on it. Zack Snyder has expressed some interest in it, but it’s unclear if it will happen. Bleszinski spoke to ComingSoon and noted that he hasn’t been approached to consult on the film, but is open to it. He also noted that he’s a big fan of the idea of Dave Bautista playing Marcus Fenix, largely thanks to his acting chops across Blade Runner 2049, the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, and more.

“Absolutely not. Nobody’s reached out to me and it’s weird … Marcus is like Bruce Willis in Die Hard — everything he touches seems to turn to crap. I used to say back in the day, I didn’t want like a pro wrestler to play Marcus. But Bautista has emerged from the pro wrestling circuit and has shown his range in Blade Runner 2049 and Knock At the Cabin and Guardians of the Galaxy and whatnot. He literally did that cosplay — he’s wearing the armor that he posted on social media, and he has my full support as … people consider me to be ‘the father of Gears.’ I would love for nothing more than to consider consulting on the movie.”

As of right now, it has been four years since the last Gears of War game. It’s expected there will be another one, but we know nothing about it. Fans are hoping that we’ll hear about the Gears of War sometime next spring with a fall 2024 release date, but nothing has been confirmed at this time. Also, given the writers’ strike and actors’ strike, it’s likely the upcoming Gears of War film won’t see the light of day for at least another two years, but that’s at the very earliest.