FUBAR Star Aparna Brielle Updates Status of Kevin Smith’s Twilight of the Mallrats (Exclusive)

While filmmaker Kevin Smith has managed to make a couple of major sequels recently with Jay and Silent Bob Reboot and Clerks III, one that he’s long spoken about that still hasn’t made it is Mallrats 2. Previously revealed to be titled “Twilight of the Mallrats,” Smith has been vocal about his plans for the sequel for some time. Among the things he’s revealed is who he wants to star in the film, actress Aparna Brielle playing the daughter of Jason Lee’s Brodie Bruce from the original film. Speaking with ComicBook.com to promote her new Netflix series FUBAR, we asked Brielle about Smith making the decision to build the movie around her after being impressed with her work in Jay and Silent Bob Reboot.

“I was actually at their house when, I was like I was hanging out with a bunch of, you know, the kids, and I was getting ready to leave. And he just pulled me aside and I was like, so I’ve been writing one of the scripts for you. Would you like to read it?” Brielle said. “And I was just like, I need a moment of silence. Like, I need to sit down for a minute. That’s the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me.”

She continued, “It’s incredibly humbling. I literally told him I was like, You could ask me to sweep the floors on your set and you are such a legend. He’s so kind to every person on his (sets). It doesn’t matter who’s working. Kevin is so kind to everyone. I was like, I would do that. So, like, the fact that you wrote a whole script around me. Oh, my goodness. Like, I just, you know, I don’t need to read it. Just, you know, I’ll do it. Whatever. He’s kind. I feel so lucky.”

In Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, Brielle played “Jihad,” a friend of Jay’s long-lost daughter. For Twilight of the Mallrats, and taking on a new character, the former A.P. Bio star will join the pantheon of Kevin Smith-regulars that play more than one role in the View Askewniverse. When we asked her where Mallrats is at currently in terms of development, she added:

“I actually don’t know what’s going on. I know it’s kind of tough with the rights or something to the characters. And I know he’s like, been talking about it for a few years, but hey, whenever it happens, I’m like, I’m here and I love Kevin and I love I love getting to work on Reboot, which is such a cool experience.”

Though it’s unclear when Twilight of the Mallrats will get made, you can find Brielle on Netflix’s new action-series FUBAR. Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, the series premieres on the streamer tomorrow, Friday, May 25.

(Cover Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for Netflix)