Fortnite Leaks Suggest New SMG Types Are Coming

Miles Morales and the rest of the team from Spider-Man: Across the Spider-verse might be the talk of the town in Fortnite right now, but another recent leak could have even bigger implications for the hit battle royale. For the most part, those Spidey additions are going to be cosmetics, but this leak could have an impact on gameplay if it turns out to be true. Longtime players will remember the Auto Aim Pistol that sometimes felt like you were playing with aimbot enabled. Well, this leak says a similar function might be coming to an SMG soon.

This leak comes courtesy of Hypex, who has a solid reputation with Fortnite leaks in the past. That said, as with every leak, you’ll want to take this one with a grain of salt. The long and short of it is that Epic is working on a “Smart SMG,” which Hypex thinks will function relatively similar to the Auto Aim Pistol. Without knowing the exact specifications of the gun, it’s impossible to guess how much of an impact it will have on gameplay, but it’s clear to see why a rapidly shooting SMG that locks to enemies with ease could feel like a “problem” in the right hands.

The leaks don’t end there though, as Hypex also says the Fortnite crew is working on a weapon that increases its fire rate the longer you hold down the trigger. Think of something like a minigun or some other weapon that needs to wind up before it’s up to full power. Again, we don’t know any specifics about how this gun will work, but that does sound like something most players will be trying to hunt down the second they drop on the island.

Even if these leaks don’t come to fruition, there’s still plenty to do in Fortnite right now. As mentioned above, the Miles Morales skin and all that comes with it should be in the game very soon. There are already a few freebies you can pick up now. Plus, Epic just added the new Ranked mode, giving you yet another way to test yourself against the competition. In short, there should be plenty to do in Fortnite over the next few weeks and these leaked guns might be the cherry on top.