Fortnite Leak Reveals Deboot Van

Fortnite is in a constant state of flux with all of the collabs constantly passing through the game. However, it’s not just different media properties that rotate through Fortnite. Epic also likes to keep things fresh with the different items and features available. In fact, players see their arsenal switching things up all the time, keeping them on their toes as they try to secure another win in the hit battle royale. A recent leak may hint toward a big change coming to the core gameplay, though it’s hard to say what exactly the “Deboot Ban” might be.

The leak comes courtesy of LeakySussed on Twitter, who posted an extremely pixelated look at the purported Deboot Van. As always, you’ll want to take this with a hefty dose of skepticism, though the leak was shared by ShiinaBR on Twitter who has a solid track record for Fortnite leaks. Of course, most Fortnite fans will be very familiar with Reboot Vans, which can bring players back from the dead, but it’s not immediately clear what these Deboot Vans do, though there are a few ideas out there.

What Will Deboot Vans Do in Fortnite?

It’s nearly impossible to say what Deboot Vans might do in Fortnite until developer Epic Games makes an official announcement. One possibility might be that it does the opposite of Reboot Vans, giving players a way to eliminate a random player if you’re able to activate one. However, that seems a bit too annoying to deal with, so we’ll likely see something different. Potentially, that could mean that the Deboot Van will steal cards from your opponents, making it impossible for them to revive their allies from the Reboot Van.

Either way, it’ll be interesting to see what Epic cooks up with these Deboot Vans if and when they come to Fortnite. Obviously, the Reboot Vans have proven relatively popular since their introduction, so having something to counteract them could make things even more fun. We also don’t know when Deboot Vans will come to Fortnite, but they might pop up alongside another upcoming collab.

What Skins Are Coming to Fortnite Next?

(Photo: Epic Games)

Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4 just dropped on August 25 and brought with it new skins for TikTok star Khaby Lame and Star Wars protagonist Ahsoka Tano. That’s just the start of the new season though, and several more are coming down the line very soon. We know that Lego and Doctor Who crossovers are coming eventually, but the Doctor Who collab has seemingly been put on hold after being pushed back to make room for the Lego crossover.

There have also been potential teases for Persona 5, but it’s hard to say for sure given how little we have to go off of currently. Leaks have also revealed that we might be seeing another team-up with My Hero Academia, this time giving players access to a Shoto Todoroki skin, along with a few other characters from the hit anime. And with Chapter 4 Season 4 just started, it probably won’t be long before even more is leaked or announced.