Fortnite Adds The Giant Chicken From Family Guy to Item Shop

Fortnite has added one of the most iconic supporting characters from Family Guy to the game. Fortnite is one of the biggest games on the planet and it has managed to achieve that for a variety of reasons. Of course, the biggest reason is that it’s very fun and Epic Games is constantly evolving/improving Fortnite and making sure it stays fresh after all of these years. With that said, Fortnite has been able to evolve in major ways because of its financial success. The frequent crossovers ensure there are constantly big streams of money pouring in and the structure of Fortnite has also created demand. These skins won’t be available to purchase forever, so you must act fast in order to get it. Skins will sometimes return, but it could be years before they ever resurface.

With that said, Fortnite recently added Peter Griffin from Family Guy after fans begged to see it for years. It took a long time for it to happen, but it came to fruition finally with the battle pass. There were rumors that Fortnite would be adding more Family Guy skins, but it was unclear if it was additional outfits for Peter Griffin or if they were other characters. Now we finally have the answer as Peter’s archnemesis, The Giant Chicken, has been added to Fortnite. The character has appeared a number of times throughout the history of Family Guy for a series of drawn out yet cinematic battles against Peter for petty feuds. Whenever the two run into each other, they beat the hell out of each other. Even though the Chicken usually gets fatally wounded, he manages to come back. Now players can pick up his skin in the item shop along with new emotes and cosmetic items.

However, be warned, he is designed to scale so he’s pretty large. He takes up a large portion of the screen when playing as him and it seems like you may even be put at a disadvantage by playing as him. Either way, he’s in the Item Shop as we speak.