Formerly Released Superstar Tegan Nox Returns to WWE SmackDown

WWE isn’t done bringing back fan favorites, and tonight during WWE SmackDown they brought back another Women’s Division star. Damage CTRL came to SmackDown and bragged about their performance at WarGames, and then they criticized the SmackDown Women’s Division for not having the backbone to stand up to them. Liv Morgan would come out to greet them and run in against all three, but despite getting off to a good start she was overwhelmed by the sheer numbers. That’s when Tegan Nox made her surprise return, hitting the ring and allowing Morgan to get to her feet and clear the ring. Nox is back in WWE, and she is on SmackDown.

Nox was previously released by WWE last year in November, and since then she hasn’t wrestled for any company. Nox had been open about taking the time to recover from injuries but also revealed that she had to get visa issues sorted out and wasn’t able to actually wrestle.

“Basically, because I haven’t gotten the visa or green card, I can’t wrestle. I keep getting messages, ‘Have you retired?’ No, I just can’t. Legally, I can’t,” Nox told Sappenin’ (h/t Fightful). I’ve just been chilling, in the house, playing video games. I went to Sad Summer Fest a couple of weeks ago, which was phenomenal. Just chilling with my dogs and friends. Usual stuff that I can do without working.”

While she hasn’t been in the ring for another company, Nox did say she missed wrestling quite a bit, and now she’ll be back in the mix on SmackDown.

“I miss wrestling,” Newell said. “I really miss being in front of the fans. I miss building a bond with the fans throwing myself around, but it’s been nice to give my body a little bit of time off after wrestling for ten years, almost non-stop, even when I was in rehab.”


With her coming out to save Liv Morgan against Damage CTRL, it would seem Nox is a babyface and perhaps is aligning with Morgan against the Raw powerhouse, but we’ll have to wait and see. She is also on the same brand as her former Tag Team partner Shotzi, who were split up in the WWE draft shortly before Nox was released.

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