Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Will Only Be Exclusive to PS5 for 3 Months

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth won’t be exclusive to PlayStation 5 for very long. The Final Fantasy series is one of the biggest RPG franchises out there and has had an iron grip on gamers for decades at this point. The series has evolved tremendously from 2D to 3D and turn-based combat to real-time action. There isn’t a ton of consistency across the Final Fantasy series in terms of what to expect because every game opts to do something different with new characters, tones, gameplay mechanics, and more. Nevertheless, the quality is extremely high and frequently delivers for fans. As of right now, fans are still getting over Final Fantasy XVI, but they won’t have to wait long for what’s next.

In February, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will release on PlayStation 5 as an exclusive. This has been a bit frustrating for fans of the series on Xbox as it seems to be kind of luck of the draw which games come to Xbox. A number of entries in the series have been on Xbox, including Final Fantasy XV, but XVI and VII Remake have notably skipped the console. The series seems to have a solid deal worked out with PlayStation with options to bring the games to PC later. It seems that will happen yet again with Final Fantasy VII Rebirth as the game’s fine print says it will only be exclusive to PS5 for 3 months. This is a bit shorter than some other games in the series, which have ranged from 6 – 12 months in the past. It’s unclear why this deal is shorter and what additional platforms it could come to.

It seems extremely unlikely Rebirth would come to Xbox without Final Fantasy VII Remake coming first. It’s possible Square Enix will release them as a joint-package on Xbox or something, but nothing has been officially decided. Fans also probably shouldn’t expect a port to other consoles as soon as that three month exclusivity is up, there’s a chance it will take a bit longer to bring it to whatever additional platforms Square Enix decides on. Xbox boss Phil Spencer has suggested that Final Fantasy could come to Xbox in a larger capacity than before, but the deals may be a bit complicated.