Feud Between Bloodline and Jimmy Uso Costs Jey Uso WWE United States Title on SmackDown

Jey Uso would kick off WWE SmackDown, as he was supposed to make his choice between The Bloodline and his brother Jimmy Uso. Heyman threw a lot at Jey, saying that he was next in line to be Tribal Chief and Reigns wanted to groom him for that role. Plus, Heyman said he could bring more gold to the Bloodline, as he had a match against United States Champion Austin Theory later in the night. It was then time for the main event, and at one point Jey did in fact pin Theory for the win, but the referee had been knocked out and didn’t see it. That’s when Pretty Deadly interfered, but it prompted Jimmy Uso to help his brother. That led to Solo Sikoa’s involvement, and amidst all the chaos Theory ended up pinning Jey and retaining his Title, making things even more complicated between Heyman, Sikoa, Jimmy, and Jey.

Jey and Theory locked up and Theory gained control first with a headlock before hitting a shoulder tackle, but Jey came back with a tackle of his own. Jey then threw Theory over the top rope to the floor, and Jey followed it up by throwing Theory over the announce table. Back from the commercial, Theory had Jey in a headlock, but Jey got free and the two stars traded punches.

Jey hit a neck breaker on Theory and went for the cover, but Theory kicked out. Then both stars traded more moves, and Theory would go for the cover after a dropkick from the ropes, but Jey kicked out. Theory went to lift Jey but Jey escaped again, and Theory then came back and knocked Jey to the mat into a pin attempt, but Jey kicked out. Theory went for A Town Down but Joey broke it up, and then Jey hit Theory with an Enzuigiri. Jey clocked Theory but Theory ran into the referee, knocking him out of the ring.

Jey then hit the splash on Theory and covered him for a count of four, but the referee was still down and didn’t see it. Pretty Deadly then hit the ring and attacked Jey, but Jimmy ran in to make the save, fending them off while Jey was down. Jimmy then went to help Jey get up but Solo Sikoa came out of nowhere and slammed down Jimmy.

Sikoa was going to hit Jimmy with the Samoan Spike, but Jey stopped Sikoa’s arm. Sikoa shook him off and Jimmy was about to hit Sikoa with the superkick, but he got out of the way and Jimmy ended up kicking Jey instead. Jimmy would dive and knock Sikoa to the floor, but while that was happening Theory ran back in and pinned Jey, getting the 3 count and the win and retaining his United States Title in the process.

Paul Heyman then came out to join Sikoa, and Jimmy helped Jey up. Jey pushed Jimmy away though, frustrated by what happened, and Jimmy told him he was just trying to help. Jey walked out of the ring and towards the back, and on his way, Heyman told him he was sorry. Jey waved them all off and walked towards the back, and Heyman smiled as he called Roman Reigns, while Jimmy looked distraught.

Jey still hasn’t made a choice between The Bloodline and Jimmy, but that is likely to change next week. Reigns returns to SmackDown next Friday, and he will likely want Jey to make a choice, especially after having Heyman tell him he was next in line to be the Tribal Chief.

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