Fan-Made “Starfield Compendium” Book Reaches Over 1,000 Pages of Info

Starfield is one of the most-hyped games still on the release calendar for 2023. Bethesda‘s massive space game has been on the books for years, which means that fan anticipation has been building for just as long. One fan has taken that excitement to the next level, creating a novel-length “compendium” full of everything we know about the game. This project first began about a year ago with a 120-page summary and analysis of what we knew at that point, but it has since grown to be over 1,000 pages after the latest Starfield Direct.

As first spotted by PCgamesN, the latest update in the saga was posted to the Starfield subreddit by a user who goes by the name Gokamo. Since starting their project a year ago, Gokamo has blown this project out to a ridiculous degree. As mentioned, it started at 120 pages and then grew to 409 after the 2022 showcase. Gokamo then added around 50 more pages between then and the most recent showcase before putting together 600 more pages in a month to get us to over 1,000 total. As you’d expect from something that long about a game that hasn’t even been released, it’s incredibly detailed.


The compendium is broken down into three arcs, with the second arc getting a 2.5 mini-arc for good measure. Essentially, these break it down to when things get announced. So, the first arc mostly deals with early trailers and leaks, while also digging deep into the various concept art released by Bethesda. Arc 2 is all about Starfield‘s showing during the summer of 2022, including the interviews given by both Pete Hines and Todd Howard. Finally, the third arc is a ridiculously detailed look at the deep dive we got earlier this, covering everything seen there much more in-depth than you’d expect for a fan project.

This compendium from Gokamo is very impressive. Not only is it probably the best way to learn everything you could possibly want to know about Starfield‘s pre-release period but it’s also just incredible that Gokamo was able to throw the final section together in under a month. It’s safe to say that fans are ready for Starfield to launch and they’ll get their wish the game comes to Xbox and PC platforms on September 6.