Fallout 76 Players on PS5 Surprised With Major Upgrade

Fallout 76 released the Once in a Blue Moon update just a few days ago. The update added new cryptids, Public Events, and much more. What wasn’t announced to be in that update were performance improvements on PlayStation consoles; however, some users are reporting exactly that. On Reddit, a thread started over the last few days that’s full of users saying that they are getting 60fps on PlayStation 5 after the update even though there’s nothing in the patch notes saying that Bethesda. Officially, the developer hasn’t said anything about it, but with how many players are claiming to see the evidence in-game, it looks like something in the backend has been improved enough to get Fallout 76 running at 60fps on PlayStation 5.

The post was first spotted by the team at PushSquare, who shared the original Reddit post from user BOSS_Zombie. In the thread, tons of users are also reporting that they’re noticing smoother gameplay and “insanely better” graphics. Of course, that latter point could just be related to the fps boost, but it’s something that pops up throughout the thread.

What’s most interesting about this is that Bethesda hasn’t said anything about it either on social media or in the official patch notes. You would assume that if it had made changes that were targeted at improving the visual fidelity and performance of the game on PlayStation, it would have wanted to make that clear to players. Instead, it’s something players have discovered on their own, which could mean that this is just a case of players seeing things that aren’t actually there. That seems unlikely, but the other explanation would be that Bethesda has improved its game without doing it on purpose, which would be very strange.

Either way, if you’re playing Fallout 76 on PlayStation 5 you should be experiencing improved frame rates. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like those improvements have come to the PS4 version of the game, but at least next-gen consoles are seemingly operating at a higher fps. With Once in a Blue Moon also just released, now seems like a great time to jump into Fallout 76.