Don’t Worry Darling Delivers Huge Streaming Debut for HBO Max

After a solid run in theaters, one of the most controversial films of 2022 is proving to be a hit on streaming as well. Don’t Worry Darling, the Olivia Wilde thriller that made headline after headline for its behind-the-scenes drama, was released in theaters in mid-September. On November 7th, the Warner Bros. film made its way to HBO Max for its streaming debut, and it has been a good performer for the streamer in the days since.

According to Variety, Don’t Worry Darling was streamed in 2.7 million households on both Smart TVs and mobile devices during its first week on HBO Max. Keep in mind, that doesn’t count streams on other devices like Roku, Apple TV, or desktop web browsers. Those numbers are better than some major, streaming-exclusive film debuts on other services.

What makes Don’t Worry Darling‘s streaming numbers more impressive is that they came after a full theatrical run in which the film made $87 million. The new direction of Warner Bros. Discovery under CEO David Zaslav has put an emphasis on theatrical releases over big budget streaming titles. Don’t Worry Darling shows that films can have strong streaming presences after also making significant money at the box office.

Don’t Worry Darling is the second directorial effort for actor-turned-filmmaker Olivia Wilde, following her acclaimed debut, Booksmart. The film stars Florence Pugh, Harry Styles, Chris Pine, Kiki Layne, Gemma Chan, and Nick Kroll. There was a lot of drama surrounding the production, as Wilde began a relationship with Harry Styles during a public breakup with ex-husband Jason Sudeikis. More drama unfolded ahead of the film’s release, revolving around the dismissal of former star Shia LaBeouf. Wilde claimed she fired the actor from the film but videos and messages released by LaBeouf after the fact seemed to show that Wilde wanted him to stay.

Ultimately, the drama around Don’t Worry Darling kept the film in the overall pop culture conversation. Despite mixed reviews, Don’t Worry Darling was a major topic of conversation when it arrived in theaters.


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