Dominik Mysterio Wins WWE Championship on NXT

The main event of WWE NXT was for Championship Gold and included none other than Judgement Day’s Dominik Mysterio. Last week Mysterio challenged Wes Lee for his NXT North American Championship, but as you might expect, Mysterio wasn’t alone. By his side was Rhea Ripley, and she would have an immediate effect on the match. Despite that Lee was able to overcome the numbers advantage on his way to another Title win, but then Finn Balor and Damian Priest joined the party. While Lee evaded Balor and Priest, he was knocked out cold by Ripley’s Championship Title, and that allowed Mysterio to take advantage and get the pin and the win, becoming the new NXT North American Champion.

Mysterio and Lee circled each other for a bit and then locked up. Mysterio got Lee in a hold but Lee quickly countered it. Lee put his shoulder directly into Mysterio’s chest and then Lee gave Mysterio props before jumping over the rope to the apron. He was about to leap but then Ripley ran in between them and said he wasn’t going to do anything, halting his progress and giving Mysterio some time to collect himself.

Lee went back into the ring to wait while Mysterio and Ripley walked around the ring. Mysterio went to get into the ring but when Lee moved forward Mysterio ran back out. He did the same again but Lee chased him this time, and when they got back in the ring Lee stayed on the offensive, hitting Mysterio with strikes and kicks in the corner.

Mysterio found his moment though after moving out of the way of Lee, which led Lee to crash into the corner turnbuckle. Mysterio took advantage, stomping on Lee and then knocking him to the ground. Mysterio kept Lee on the mat, knocking him down again and then slamming him to the mat with a suplex. Mysterio hit another suplex and went for the third, but Lee evaded, only to get hit with a dropkick from Mysterio.

Lee tried to regroup and Mysterio hit the 619, and a Michinoku Driver followed into a cover, but Lee kicked out of the pin. Mysterio went for the frog splash but Lee rolled out of the way. The two stars exchanged strikes and then Mysterio slammed Lee down to the mat once more.

Mysterio stayed in control, but then Lee came back with multiple strikes and kept up the momentum with two shoulder tackles. Kicks followed to Mysterio’s legs and then Lee hit a vicious double stomp to Mysterio’s back. Lee missed Mysterio but then he kicked him under the jaw and hit another kick to the head. Lee then whipped Mysterio around the ring with a Tornado DDT.

Ripley helped Mysterio regroup and then Mysterio grabbed Lee’s Title and started to walk away. Lee dove and knocked Mysterio down to the floor. Lee got back in the ring and the entire Judgement Day was there, with Balor and Priest attacking Lee. Lee avoided Priest and Balor, but when he went up top Ripley hit Lee in the head with her Women’s World Championship. That knocked him out and to the mat, allowing Mysterio to crawl over and cover Lee, taking him down and winning the NXT North American Championship.

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