Diablo 4 Players Divided Over “Shameful” Part of the Game

The Diablo 4 open beta is curretly live and will be live until March 27. And it doesn’t matter if you’re on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, or Xbox Series X, you can access the beta, which means a ton of people are currently playing it and will be playing it all weekend. That said, this is the game’s second beta, and Blizzard has already gotten substantial feedback on the game. And right now it seems one of the biggest contentious points among fans are the game’s dungeons. Some players think they aren’t up to snuff, while others are loving them.

One of the top posts on the Diablo 4 Reddit page this week is titled, “Blizzard, listen: These dungeons are shameful.” The post has over 1,500 votes up, yet the top reply is a reply that disagrees. The most common criticism right now seems to take aim at the repetitve nature of dungeons in the game.

“The combat and art are great, so this game has the potential to be great. However of the nine or so dungeons that I completed – I saw the exact same layout in three of them,” reads the Reddit post. Completely new dungeons, exact same linear pathing inside.. This is a big let down. The classics were so repayable because of their randomization. I replayed a few dungeons more than once, and I am certain that the dungeons did not vary at all between playthroughs. This is how Diablo 3 was, and it sucked. Dungeons were not fun or exciting to explore because there was no sense of.. well exploration or discovery. It was the same every time, mostly a straight line, and it got stale. Diablo 2 had labrynths and the maps still trip people up, after 20 years, because of their complexity and randomization.”

As noted, many Diablo fans seem to agree with this take, as evident by the popularity of the post, yet the top reply is a reply in disagreement, noting that while the dungeons have some shortcomings, the atmosphere of them is incredible.

“And then there is me, who absolutely enjoyed running the dungeons,” reads the reply. “Sure some had not the most amazing layout or mechanic, but the overall atmosphere of the dungeons was really f*****g good.”

The nice part of this being a beta is that Blizzard can and will tweak dungeons before the game’s final release. However, it sounds like it will be in a pickle, with some playings loving the dungeons and others seemingly ready to stop playing because of them. Trying to find a middle point between these two extremes sounds impossible. That said, and as always, feel free to weigh in on the topic in the comments section.