Dead Space Is Getting an Unexpected Spin-Off

After disappearing for a decade, Dead Space fans have had a lot to celebrate in 2023. It seems that trend will continue into next year, as Dead Space: Deep Cover will be launching sometime in the first quarter. Deep Cover is not a new game in the series; rather, it’s a scripted podcast set in the same universe! The series will see new installments released weekly, and there will be 12 episodes in total. Deep Cover is being produced by Bloody Disgusting in association with EA, and will be part of the Cineverse Podcast Network. When it releases, episodes will be streamed free on the Bloody FM channel right here.

Dead Space: Deep Cover will center on journalist Emmeline Ayuba. Emmeline’s sister has apparently joined a Unitologist church, and Emmeline will have quite a few challenges ahead of her before the pair can be reunited. The podcast is being written by Ben Counter, who has previously worked on several other podcasts, including Bloody Disgusting’s Mayfair Watchers Society. It’s unclear how the podcast will connect to the overall Dead Space universe, but Dead Space remake senior creative director Roman Campos-Oriola shared his enthusiasm about the project while speaking with IGN.

“The Dead Space franchise made a huge impact on the survival horror genre in gaming when it released 15 years ago,” said Campos-Oriola. “As fans of Dead Space, ourselves, it’s great to see the level of passion and creativity shown by the team at Cineverse to deliver this untold story to fans.”

The church of Unitology plays a central role in the Dead Space games, and the podcast could be an interesting way to see the religion further fleshed out. Those that have played the games should have an idea the danger that Emmeline’s sister will find herself in, and it will be interesting to hear how this all plays out! Hopefully Dead Space: Deep Cover will prove an enjoyable spin-off of the video game series!

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