Cryptozoic Brings John Cena’s Dancing Peacemaker Figure to Kickstarter

John Cena’s Peacemaker quickly became a fan favorite in The Suicide Squad, but it was the Peacemaker HBO Max series that launched the character into the stratosphere. While fans wait for season 2 to happen, Cryptozoic Entertainment has something perfect for Peacemaker fans to add to their collections, and it’s the Dancing Peacemaker Bobble Figure themed after the show’s amazing opening credits sequence. Fans can choose from three different versions of the figure, which include the Core Edition, the Bloody Edition, and the Gold Edition. You can check out the full campaign right here, and you can find images of all three editions below.

The Core Edition will feature Peacemarker’s standard look from the show in all his dancing glory and will feature a red base. The Bloody Edition will feature that same costume but adds blood splatter to his helmet, his costume, and his base, which is also a grey color. The Gold Edition is exactly that, featuring a gold and black color scheme and a gold base.

(Photo: Cryptozoic Entertainment)

The helmet on the Gold Edition looks even shinier than the other two and might be my favorite of the trio. The Standard Edition will hit retailers later this year if funded, and the Blood Edition will be a Cryptozoic Exclusive. The Gold Edition will be completely exclusive to the campaign, and those who back the campaign can get multiple versions of any of the figures.

“For our first collectibles Kickstarter, we chose the Dancing Peacemaker Bobble Figure because it’s a project we really believe in and it’s just so much fun,” said Shahriar Fouladi, Director of Product Development & Marketing at Cryptozoic. “We love Peacemaker, especially the unforgettable opening credits, and we know fans around the world feel the same way. Kickstarter is the perfect platform to bring all these fans together and celebrate a truly memorable pop culture moment.”

The Core Peace pledge runs $35 and will get you the Core Edition figure, while the Bloody Peace tier gets you the Bloody Edition figure for $50. The Gold Peace tier will cost $60 to get the Gold Edition figure, and you can get all three figures in the $130 World Peace tier.

Cryptozoic expects rewards to start shipping to backers in November 2023, and you can check out the full campaign right here. You can find the official description for the campaign below.

“We have created a dozen Kickstarter projects, but those were all for games. So, why Kickstarter for a collectible? Producing a figure can be expensive, requiring hiring designers and sculptors, tooling at the factory, and manufacturing a minimum quantity to make it feasible (and selling a pretty large quantity to make it profitable). Given that we are a small company and the risks involved, it means we can’t always release all the cool products we (and our fans) want. And when we do create a product, it can be hard to get it in front of the very fans who would fall in love with it.

That’s where Kickstarter comes in. The Dancing Peacemaker Bobble Figure is a great chance to take advantage of Kickstarter’s power to bring fans around the world together to support projects! It’s a project we believe in, and we know there are a lot of people out there who love the Peacemaker TV series as much as we do (and even more people have seen and fallen for the unforgettable opening credits).

For you, the fans, it’s pretty simple: You get the figure first, you get it for less $ (if you get the core or Bloody Edition), and you get exclusives (it’s the only way to get the Gold Edition and stretch goals we unlock).”

Will you be a Dancing Peacemaker figure to your DC collection? Let us know in the comments!