Creepy New PvPvE Game, Hell is Others, Launches On Steam

A new PvPvE game called Hell is Others has launched on Steam and it looks like it has real potential! Digital storefronts are filled with tons of games these days. Almost can publish a game on a platform like Steam which results in the store featuring major new games like Call of Duty and other big AAA releases as well as pages upon pages of less than stellar titles. This has been a big problem for a while as it means some gems can get buried amongst the hundreds or thousands of other games, but there is one new game that we feel is worth highlighting and looks like could be a blast.

Hell is Others is a really unique new PvPvE extraction game available on Steam that has a gorgeous, albeit creepy art style. Players play as average joe Adam Smithson who tries to stay in his apartment with his bonsai tree as much as possible, but his plant requires blood to survive. So, naturally, Smithson is forced to dive deep into the underworld of the city to find resources, shed the blood of monsters and other players, and survive in order to see your beloved plant once more. As is seen in games like Escape from Tarkov, whatever you take when you extract, you can use to your benefit in between battles. Players can decorate their apartments for benefits, fertilize your plants for unique ammo types, and more. It’s a rather unique concept and one that should create a lot of replay value and fun.

“We all put so much passion in Hell is Others”, said Pietro De Grandi, CEO of Strelka Games. “Every piece of the game has been handcrafted, each moment of the story was written to create a deep and intense emotional reaction, and each pixel was lovingly placed to create the world for our players.”

Hell is Others is available on Steam now for $14.99. Since the game is a PvPvE title, players can experience it with multiplayer. The game can feature up to 10 players in a single lobby, but that also means you have more threats to deal with when you’re scavenging for new resources.


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