Cody Rhodes Reveals Puerto Rico Tribute Gear for WWE Backlash

The American Nightmare will be in action at WWE Backlash, as Cody Rhodes will be taking on one of WWE’s deadliest superstars in The Beast Brock Lesnar. This is one of the biggest matches on the card, and Lesnar is Rhodes’ next step toward his hopeful rematch against Roman Reigns. Rhodes will undoubtedly be going all out in the ring, but he’s also going the extra mile with his entrance gear, as a new photo of his jacket reveals a tribute to Puerto Rico with the Puerto Rican flag woven into the design. Rhodes posted the photo to his Instagram story, and you can check out the new jacket below.

The Puerto Rican flag can be seen on the left side of the jacket, and it gradually flows into the American flag design in his logo. Rhodes will also have his trademark weight belt around his waist to give to someone in the audience, but the jacket is a scene stealer for sure.

(Photo: Cody Rhodes/Instagram)

Rhodes has been on a bit of a rollercoaster ride since WrestleMania 39, as since his battle with Reigns there have been several big shifts in WWE. The WWE Draft brought him back to Raw, but that also means a shot at Reigns will be more challenging to come by, who stayed on SmackDown. Then Triple H revealed the new WWE Heavyweight Championship, which will be the top prize on Monday Night Raw. had the chance to speak with Rhodes about a host of topics, including WWE 2K23, SuperCard, and returning to WWE. We also talked about the Heavyweight Championship, specifically if that new Title will alter Rhodes’ main goal in any way and if it will be of interest to pursue.

“Well, Triple H being the coach here and calling the shots and making it clear that this World Heavyweight Championship, which…just from a fan of belts, the physical belts, historically and all the nods and things that were done, the pieces of old Titles kind of strung onto this honking piece of metal that Triple H unveiled, as a fan of classic titles, it’s definitely something that piqued my interest,” Rhodes said.

“That’s the title that represents Raw. That’s the title that main events for Raw. That’s the title that is the franchise title for the USA network. So I can’t say I don’t want it. I can’t say that that’s not something that would be, if you look and revise your goals and say, ‘Okay, this is the route we have to go.’ Especially particularly with me being drafted to Monday Night RAW, and that might be more of a case of like I just said a story, a different story,” Rhodes said.

You can now follow Rhodes’ journey on Monday Night Raw, and Backlash will air on Peacock on Saturday, May 6th.

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