CM Punk Chooses WWE Raw, Gets Confronted by Seth Rollins

Adam Pearce welcomes CM Punk to the ring holding a folder with a raw contract inside of it. Punk starts by saying he thought he was in a bit of a sullen mood until he saw all the signs and heard all the fans. Truth is he has a huge decision to make. He’s been thinking about it all week but the reason he’s been so consumed and worried about it is because he loves the fans. The truth is, Cleveland, Ohio, Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse, doesn’t have a lot of good memories for him. He has a lot of ghosts walking those hallways. It’s the building he debuted with Mickie James on his arm. He didn’t know what he was in for when he came to WWE but he embraced it and learned to love it. He came back to Cleveland as the world heavyweight champion and he was ready to celebrate until randy orton kicked him in the head. When he woke up they told him he was stripped of the title. “10 years ago I had to take myself of the hamster wheel and for better or for worse I had to make the hardest decision of my life.”

He addresses his walk out and says he understands why people were upset and he apologizes to the fans he hurt. He says Pearce’s offer is “head and shoulders” above the NXT and Smackdown deals. He knew his mind was made up when he looked at the calendar and saw Cleveland. He’s there to bury ghosts and right a few wrongs. He officially proclaims that he’s signing with WWE Raw. After signing the contract Seth Rollins comes out and interrupts the celebration. He steps into the ring and goes face to face with punk. They stare each other down for a beat before Rollins grabs a mic and welcomes Punk to “Monday Night Rollins.”

He tells him not to call WWE his home. He abandoned it and actively tried to tear it down. He spent 10 years slandering Rollins and everyone else in the locker room. It’s not his home — it’s Rollins’ home. He will do everything in his power to protect it from people like Punk. He wants it to be clear with no confusion that he hates Punk but if he’s going to be part of WWE again, then Rollins wants him on Raw. He laughs but notes that the truth always comes out. He knows, Punk knows, everyone knows that this is his last chance. Either he’s going to expose himself and self destruct and he’ll be the first to slam the door shut on his legacy or, if by some miracle, if Punk has changed and he’s got any gas left in his tank, maybe one day he’ll be lucky enough to stand across the ring from Rollins in a World Heavyweight Championship Match and Rollins will expose him for the fraud that he is. He will show him there are levels to it and will wrestle circles around him. He will show him in real time what it means to be the “Best in the World.”

Punk bites back and asks him if he’s done. He tells him that was his one pass to disrespect him without him coming back at him. He’s always done things the hard way and that’s what he’s here to do. Punk declares himself for the Royal Rumble and sends a threat to Rollins that when he wins, maybe Rollins is who he’ll be after.