Chucky’s Latest Episode Hints at Big Mythology Changes

Spoilers follow! The latest episode of Chucky season two has delivered some major wrinkles into the shows mythology, offering not only a bit of a retcon for one character’s place in the whole thing but a major tease about the primary Chucky. As fans may recall, last week’s episode concluded with the reveal of The Colonel, a parody of Marlon Brando’s Colonel Kurtz from Apocalypse Now complete with bald head and necklace of ears (human or Chucky ears isn’t clear). What this week reveals is that The Colonel has a human accomplice, none other than Dr. Mixter.

Seen throughout the show’s first and second seasons, so far there hasn’t been a reason to really suspect that Dr. Mixter is involved in Chucky’s plans (except for the fact that she has the same kind of doll that Tiffany possessed way back in Bride of Chucky). This week’s episode confirmed that she’s intimately aware of Chucky’s plans, so much so that she knows about the different versions of him within the Chucky army but also has apparently known Chucky since he was a kid who first lived the Burlington Home for Wayward Boys, now The Catholic School of the Incarnate Lord where the show’s lead characters are trapped.

Dr. Mixter’s involvement in Chucky’s plans is not only revealed in this week’s episode but takes a big step forward as she tells Devon and Lacy she’s going to watch when he kills them; plus she pulls a gun on multiple people, even shooting Marcia Bennett’s Sister Elizabeth in the arm.

From here comes the next big change to the entire Chucky mythology as Dr. Mixter acknowledges the existence of “Chucky Prime,” aka the first Chucky. According to Mixter, Chucky Prime is the one that is sharing a body with Nica Pierce, who happened to escape Tiffany Valentine’s home last week and is en route to the Incarnate Lord school now. It’s unclear what exactly Chucky Prime’s plan is, but he apparently intends to possess the Good Guy Doll body that currently belongs to Good Chucky. What will happen to Nica at that time is also a big question mark, not to mention why he would want to jump from a human body back into a plastic one. Only two episodes remain in Chucky‘s second season!


Where to watch Chucky season 2?

Currently the only way to watch the new episodes of Chucky season 2 is with a cable subscription, the series airs new episodes on USA Network and SYFY on Wednesdays at 9 PM ET. After the first season of the show premiered however it very quickly made its way onto the Peacock streaming service, where it remains. Chucky season 2 could very well make the same move after it wraps up its new episodes but that hasn’t yet been confirmed.