Chucky: Devon Sawa Breaks Down His New Character

Full spoilers for Chucky episode 3.06. As has been tradition in the Chucky TV series, Devon Sawa‘s newest character was killed in brutal fashion. The fan-favorite actor met his end last week in what was his fourth different character as President James Collins was murdered by Chucky and had one of his eyes plucked out of his head. The Chucky show couldn’t go a full episode with Sawa though and introduced his fifth full character in the show in its latest episode, with Devon Sawa playing Randall Jenkins the body double for President James Collins. Speaking with in an exclusive interview, Sawa opened up about his new role with us.l

“I remember Don (Mancini, creator) giggling as he told me that I was coming back as a presidential double. I just thought it was so damn funny because I know that there’s so many people that think this is a real thing that we actually have Bidens and Trumps and doubles running around, and I just thought like, oh my God, what if there really is, and what if they found this bizarre looking lookalike? And he probably was sitting around in his condo thinking he’d never had to actually do the job, but he’s probably collecting some paycheck and he gets a call one day and say, Hey, we have a problem. You need to come to the White House. You’re going to fill in for this guy. And he probably thought, oh, maybe I’m just going to walk up some stairs or something like that. And then he gets himself into this. I think it was, was the most clever idea in all of its insanity.”

Sawa went on to address what he thinks his new character was doing prior to the events of tonight’s episode as well.

“He was somewhere and a Secret Service agent like saw him and they called whatever the other people, whatever. This guy looks exactly like the president. So they probably approached him and he, in his mind, probably thought, you know what, one day maybe I’ll have to walk up Air Force one stairs and wave or something like that. And he’s probably sitting in his little condo getting a paycheck every month, and then he gets the call and shows up, and then all shit has hit the fan.”

Chucky season 3 airs Wednesdays at 10 PM ET on both SYFY and USA Network with the series returning on Wednesday, April 10.

Where is Chucky streaming?

The first two seasons of Chucky are available for streaming on two different platforms, both Peacock and Shudder. All sixteen episodes of the series, including both seasons 1 and 2, can be streamed on each of these services. Unlike previous seasons of Chucky however, wherein the entire season would have to premiere on cable before it began streaming, the new episodes of Chucky season 3 will be available for streaming the next day. After Chucky season 3’s episodes air on SYFY and USA Network on Wednesdays, they’ll be available to stream the very next day on Peacock.