Chainsaw Man Shows How Scary its Devils Really Are

The Bat Devil is the most terrifying devil that Denji has faced so far in Chainsaw Man’s anime adaptation, and that’s saying something considering he’s run into the Zombie Devil thanks to the premiere episode. With the Shonen protagonist betrayed by Power, his new partner that also happens to be the Blood Devil, Denji comes to realize that when it comes to devils, the supernatural beings aren’t scared to state exactly what they’re after, which usually includes chowing down on innocent bystanders.

We are first introduced to the Bat Devil following Power’s betrayal of Denji, with the Blood Devil being held hostage in order to save her cat, hilariously named Meowy. With the Bat Devil clearly gaining quite a bit of power thanks to mankind’s fear of bats, Denji is luckily able to carve his way through the antagonist, though what this means for Power and Meowy has yet to be seen. With the Blood Devil having no issue in betraying Denji and her fellow devil hunters, is the Blood Fiend someone that Makima’s crew can trust moving forward or will they need to strike Power down as the first season’s anime adaptation continues.

Chainsaw Man Devils Are In Fact Scary

The Bat Devil, having been injured presumably by devil hunters, is looking for human blood and finds Denji’s to not quite be his cup of tea, thanks in part to the teenager’s fusion with Pochita. Following the devil’s strength boost after drinking what it deemed to be disgusting blood, he bursts forth from the building and remarks that he’s looking to eat kids as snacks, eat a burly man for the main course, and pregnant women as dessert. Needless to say, the Bat Devil is scary in both remarks and appearance.

The latest episode also gives us Denji in his Chainsaw Devil form once again, with the previous instance being when he cut his way through the Zombie Devil and its minions. While the devils that Denji faces are quite scary, the Chainsaw Man is an entirely different beast and might be the best figure to save humanity.


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