Bron Breakker Retains WWE NXT Title at New Year’s Evil Thanks to Malfunctioning Ring

It was time for the battle over the NXT Championship at WWE NXT New Year’s Evil, a battle between NXT Champion Bron Breakker and his challenger Grayson Waller. Waller was focused and ready to throwdown from the opening bell, and at one point Waller slammed Breakker into the corner turnbuckle so hard that the middle turnbuckle completely broke off and the 2nd rope went down with it. Officials got the ring fixed and the match continued, but it would play a role in the ending, as it gave way again and Waller ended up crashing to the floor and hitting his head. He tried to get back in to beat the count, but he pulled the loose rope without realizing it and was counted out, allowing Breakker to retain his Title.

Both stars approached with caution and then locked up before Breakker pushed the challenger away. They locked up again but Waller got the best of this exchange, ending things with a slap to the face. Waller bolted and Breakker chased but then he dodged an elbow drop and connected with an impressive vertical suplex. The Champion then hit a standing moonsault and went for a slap but Waller evaded it.

Breakker hit with a tribute to his father but then got hit in the face with Waller’s boot, and Waller followed it up with a reversal into a DDT. Waller tried to lock down the Champ and hit a flurry of knee strikes to the head, and then he locked in a guillotine. Breakker picked Waller up but couldn’t quite get to his feet. He did eventually but Waller reversed his next move into a suplex and did some pushups to taunt.’

Waller went for a punch but then Breakker threw him across the ring twice and then hit him with a tilt-a-whirl slam. Breakker was then slammed into the corner turnbuckle hard, and Waller slammed him into the turnbuckle again, and it was with such force that the second rope post broke off.

Officials ran in to fix it and Waller used the ropes to do some damage to the Champ. Breakker broke up the challenger’s momentum and then slammed him into the barricade, but Waller then bounced back with a big move to take out the Champ’s leg and knee. Waller then went to throw Breakker into the barricade but it was reversed, sending Waller into the barricade instead.

Waller got Breakker down and into the ring for a cover attempt, but Breakker kicked out. Breakker came back with punches but got the wind knocked out of him with a knee to the stomach, and Waller brought him down for another cover, but the Champion kicked out. Punches were exchanged and then Waller hit a nasty clothesline to the back of Breakker’s neck. Breakker got back to his feet and hit a few shoulder tackles and then caught Waller and slammed him down to the mat. He went up top and then hit a Bulldog on the challenger and set up for his finisher.

Breakker went for the spear but Waller quickly rolled out of the way and brought down the Champ on the ropes and then connected with a huge knee strike to the head. He went for the cover but Breakker kicked out. Then he went up top and the rope gave way again, with the other post breaking. Waller slammed his head onto the ring apron, and the referee started counting him out. Waller realized it but then he grabbed the rope and it gave way, and the count ended and Breakker retained his Title via count out.


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