Bluey: Extended “The Sign” Episode Delivers Massive Streaming Debut for Disney+

Bluey has been the most popular kids show around the world for some time, and the recent debut of “The Sign” shows that fans are down for longer adventures with the Heeler family as well. “The Sign” stands at 28 minutes — four times as long as a normal episode of Bluey. There was some question ahead of its debut as to how well it would do with fans of the series. Not only has “The Sign” been a major topic of conversation since it debuted on April 14th, it also delivered enormous numbers for Disney+.

Disney announced on Tuesday that “The Sign” drew a whopping 10.4 million views on Disney+ in its first week on the service. That metric is defined as total stream time divided by by runtime. The special stands as the biggest Bluey episode premiere ever on Disney+, as well as the most-viewed Disney Junior episode premiere.

“The Sign” was followed up with a semi-secret episode called “Surprise” this past Sunday. That episode acted as the Season 3 finale, as well as an epilogue to the story told in “The Sign” and “Ghostbasket.”

This recent trio of Bluey episodes brought the third season to a close, and likely represent the last we’ll see of the series for quite some time. There’s been no word as to how long the hiatus will last, but the creative team at Ludo Studio will be spending some time away from the series after a rigorous few years. Ludo has confirmed the series hasn’t been cancelled, but some time is needed to recharge and reset before doing more.

Since debuting in 2018, the Heeler family has become one of the most popular groups of characters on television, and Bluey has become a staple of households around the world.

“It’s been amazing. For me, the most incredible part of it is being a part of a show that is having such a beautiful social impact, that is actually putting good out into the world,” Melanie Zanetti, who voices Bluey’s mom, Chili, told “As an actor, you do a lot of stuff and you’re like ‘Does any of this matter? I’m not doing brain surgery; I’m not doing aid work — does this have meaning?’ And then to have a show where I’ve had so many parents tell me, ‘This has taught me how to play with my kids,’ or dads saying, ‘this has taught me how to parent the way I want to parent.’ I had a teacher who told me they had a student with Autism in their class, and it taught this little boy how to play with other kids and has changed his life at school. When I hear things like that, it makes me go, ‘Okay, this is important and useful as well as entertaining and fun and beautiful,’ and I think for me, that is the most exciting thing.”