Bloober Team Partners with Skybound for New Game

Bloober Team has announced that it will be making a video game based on a property owned by Robert Kirkman‘s Skybound Entertainment. The project is due to release in 2025, and is currently going by the codename “R.” At this time, details are slim, but we do know that the game will be something horror related. In a press release announcing the partnership, Bloober Team CEO Piotr Babieno talked about the company’s history developing horror games, and how it will benefit this new project.

“This project is another step in our second-party strategy, where we work with external partners to provide our horror know-how,” Babieno said in the press release. “These are titles that are meant to not only give us financial profit, but are the next steps in achieving our strategy by the end of 2027. We have known our friends from Skybound for a long time and I am sure it will be a successful cooperation.”

Skybound Properties

There’s no way of knowing what this new game will be, but the most likely candidate is a game based on The Walking Dead franchise. There have been a lot of Walking Dead video games over the last decade or so, some of which have been very good, and some that are best left forgotten. 2023 saw multiple games released based on the property, but they unfortunately fell into the latter category. The Walking Dead: Betrayal struggled to gain interest from players, and was pulled off Steam and shut down just three months after releasing in early access. The Walking Dead: Destinies also released this year, and was met with highly negative feedback; players called the game “broken” and a “shameless cash grab.”

Bloober Team Games

Bloober Team has established itself as a major developer of horror games over the last decade or so. The studio first made a name for itself with 2016’s Layers of Fear, which was followed by several other games in the horror genre, including Observer and The Medium. The project with Skybound will not be the first time that Bloober Team has worked on an established horror property; in 2019, Bloober Team made a game based on the Blair Witch series.

All of these games have laid the groundwork for Bloober Team’s biggest project to date: a remake of Konami’s Silent Hill 2. Silent Hill 2 is considered one of the greatest horror games ever made, and the upcoming remake has generated a lot of interest since its announcement last year. It remains to be seen whether Bloober Team can deliver an experience that lives up to the original, but it’s clear the studio has started to establish itself as a major name in the horror genre.

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