Bayley Challenges IYO SKY to WWE Women’s Title Match at WrestleMania After Damage CTRL Betrayal on SmackDown

The WWE Universe lost their minds when Bayley eliminated Liv Morgan to become the 2024 Women’s Royal Rumble winner, guaranteeing her a Title shot at WrestleMania. Now the question was who Bayley would challenge, and that decision was made tonight on SmackDown. After another example of IYO SKY, Kairi Sane, and Asuka mocking her behind her back, Bayley revealed she knew it all along and asked SKY why she changed. That led to all three superstars turning on Bayley and attacking her, but Bayley was prepared and stashed a bat near the ring. She cleared the ring and then challenged SKY for her Title at WrestleMania, effectively ending her time with the group.

Bayley entered the ring with Asuka, Sane, and SKY, who stood behind her. Bayley said, “Now when I think about Wrestlemania, I’ve really done it all… almost. I’ve defended the Raw Women’s Title. I’ve defended the SmackDown Women’s Title. I’ve gone out there with the Women’s Tag Titles. I’ve even hosted the damn thing. But this year is special. This year’s different, because I didn’t get here on my own, and I can admit that. I had a lot of ups and downs, more downs if you know what I’m talking about, but I wasn’t alone because I had my girls.”

“I had something I’ve never had before going into WrestleMania,” Bayley said. “They were there for the car rides. They were there for me when I was crying in the locker room because it wasn’t working out like I hoped. Damage CTRL is family.” Asuka, Sane, and Sky all started laughing behind her, and the crowd booed as Bayley turned to look at them.

“When I think of WrestleMania I think about magic. I think about moments. To be the absolute best, I have to beat one of the best, and that brings me to Rhea Ripley,” Bayley said. The video cut to Ripley watching backstage, but then the rest of Bayley’s group started smiling and laughing again. Bayley then said, “Or I can go a different route. I can fight a different fight. Because sometimes it’s not all about holding a Title. Sometimes it’s more personal. Sometimes it comes down to what’s in your heart, and proving people wrong. Providing doubters wrong that didn’t think you could go all the way. Sometimes the people you thought were your support system, you thought were your friends, sometimes you have to prove them wrong.”

Bayley turned around to Sane, Asuka, and SKY and said, “You guys done laughing?” Shen then spoke to them in Japanese, shocking all three of them. “Yeah, that’s Japanese. I picked that up from all the times you guys talked about me behind my back. You guys think I don’t see you all around me? You know how long I’ve been in the WWE? You guys talk about me constantly. All I wanted was for Damage CTRL to be the best. I wanted to go to the top of WrestleMania together, but you guys see nothing in me, do you? You, me, and Dakota started this, but when they came around, you turned your back on me. What happened?”

Then Sane, Sky, and Asuka attacked Bayley, but Bayley had a bat by the stairs. She then attacked all three of her former friends and cleared the ring. Bayley then spoke directly to SKY, saying, “And about that announcement, IYO I’ll see you at WrestleMania.”

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