American Horror Story: Delicate Episode 8 Recap With Spoilers: “Little Gold Man”

Last week’s episode of American Horror Story: Delicate took viewers into not Anna’s history but that of her husband Dex and, specifically of his first wife, Adeline to reveal not only the real circumstances around her death but reveal how Anna factored into everything — and just how deep the sinister forces at play with Anna’s pregnancy really run. This week, we get back to Anna’s story as the Oscars race heats up. Here’s what happened in “Little Gold Man”.

Spoilers for American Horror Story: Delicate, “Little Gold Man” beyond this point. Read on only if you want to know.

What Happens in American Horror Story: Delicate Episode 8?

A man and a woman sit at a restaurant. It’s Frank Sinatra and Mia Farrow. He’s asked her to choose between him and her career and gives her an ultimatum that if she goes back to work on her movie, their relationship is over. It’s New York, 1967. She’s filming Rosemary’s Baby. The director asks her to walk into traffic for a shot and says no one would hit a pregnant woman. She reluctantly does it. In her dressing room, she starts bleeding and her fake pregnant belly moves. A voice — presumably an assistant — tells her unseen that she can help her and to take off the belly. She does and it all stops. The assistant? Siobhan. She chalks it up to women’s intuition.

In the present, Dex speaks at his mother’s funeral. As he gives his eulogy, Preecher interrupts to say that his mother did not kill herself and that she had tried to warn him many times and begs Dex to listen to Anna. As Anna walks out, Dex’s father makes rude comments about her size. Anna finds out that Preecher was taken to the ER to be sedated. Anna finds her there and Preecher warns her that “they” will take everything from her and begs her to get out now. Anna sits to wait with her and then falls asleep. When she wakes up, Preecher is gone, having been taken by “some friends”. Anna finds out that she’s been nominated for an Oscar.

Anna and Siobhan are working on outfits for events when they hear a phone buzzing. It isn’t either of their phones. They find a flip phone in a drawer that belongs to Dex and it’s getting a call from an unknown number. In Los Angeles, Anna goes to the gifting site where she sees another mysterious dark hooded figure. When she sees someone take their jacket off, it turns out to be someone from Dr. Hill’s office and she makes a connection to the mysterious figure from her apartment all the way back at the beginning of the series. Cora, the woman, starts telling Anna everything — including her affair with Dex and the cameras and he installed in the apartment that she watched. Cora reveals that she was the person who was messing with Anna, changing appointments, deliberately trying to ruin her life.

Cora says she wants to warn Anna, that “they” are doing something to her baby. She says Dr. Hill is working with women who do terrible things to his patients, but she doesn’t know what. She just knows that he became the top of his field by making sacrifices. Later, Anna confronts Dex who is on his flip phone and tells him to get out. She wakes up in bed alone to find something weird going on with her legs, which have turned strange and scaly. In the bathroom, she tries to dig into them and finds it’s something deep in her body but when she comes out, it just looks like she’s just cut herself shaving.

It’s time for the Oscars and Anna thinks she sees Babette on the red carpet. Anna briefly falls, but she tells Siobhan that her body would tell her if something was wrong and the show goes on. In the audience, Anna thinks she is having contractions but Siobhan tells her to hold on until her category. Anna tells Siobhan she’d give up anything for an Oscar. Siobhan tells her congratulations and a moment later, Anna is announced as the winner. As she goes to give her speech, the crowd disappears and the only applause she hears, the only person she sees cheering for her is her mother and then her water breaks. Anna snaps back to reality and she’s ushered off the stage.