Alan Wake 2 Teases Fan-Favorite Mode Coming This Month

Alan Wake 2 has already proven a major hit for developer Remedy Games. The sequel to the 2010 original adds a new protagonist to the franchise while taking the series further down the survival horror path. Since launch, Remedy has dropped several updates to improve performance and iron out many of the bugs that have been popping up. However, it looks like the next update is going to be the one that players want, as Remedy is teasing that it will be adding a new feature to Alan Wake 2. The much-requested New Game Plus mode will seemingly come at some point this month.

Unfortunately, Remedy didn’t give players a firm idea of when to expect New Game Plus in Alan Wake 2. Instead, it simply said, “New month, new game…plus?” in its tweet announcing that the update is coming. That said, the team released several updates last month, so it wouldn’t be surprising to see a separate update drop before New Game Plus comes to Bright Falls. Either way, players should have it by the end of the year unless something major changes for Remedy.

Alan Wake 2 New Game Plus

While we don’t have a firm release date, Remedy has revealed some of the details about what we can expect from New Game Plus. It’ll be called “Final Draft,” and all of your unlocked weapons, Charms, and Words of Power will carry over. It also brings a brand-new difficulty that’ll test your skills and a new alternative story with new video content. Remedy also says there will be “a few other surprises,” but doesn’t provide any hints on what that might be.

It’s also worth noting that Alan Wake 2 is set to get a Photo Mode at some point. It’s not clear if this will launch alongside the New Game Plus, but it should be coming relatively soon. On top of all that, there are two pieces of DLC that are coming at some point. Again, Remedy hasn’t given any indication of when we should expect those to drop, but we do know that the first one is called Night Springs, and the second is The Lake House. Both should be out sometime next year, though Remedy may need to unexpectedly push them back if it hits any development snags.

Alan Wake 2 is out now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.