AEW Worlds End: Toni Storm Retains AEW Women’s World Championship

The AEW Women’s World Championship was defended at AEW Worlds End by the one and only “Timeless” Toni Storm against former AEW Women’s World Champion Riho. Storm is one of the most highly talked about acts in AEW currently, consistently drawing fans attention in with her unique character work. That reflected in the match as the Long Island crowd inside of Nassau Coliseum were clearly for Storm retaining.

Riho knows it too, immediately going for a quick pin but Storm kicks out. Riho puts her in a side headlock, Storm fights out of it and rolls out of the ring to Luther. Luther blocks Riho from going after Storm, catching her mid air and handing her to Storm. Storm goes for a lateral press, Riho kicks out. The champion slams her opponent to the mat, toying with her. She lifts her again for a sweeping side lateral press but only gets a one count. The crowd tries to hype up Riho who is desperately trying to fight out of Storm’s submission hold.

Riho’s back seizes up mid-match which Storm uses to her advantage, stepping all over the lower back. She uses her boot to repeatedly go after the back and again slams her to the mat, taunting her with a flex of her arms. Luther lifts Storm on his shoulders to assist her as she drags Riho by the hair to the other side of the ring and whips her to the outside. Riho rolls back into the ring before the ten count and Storm is immediately back on her. She puts her in the Texas Cloverleaf.

Riho tries to claw to the ropes but Storm has her locked in. As she gets closer, Luther grabs the ropes but referee Rick Knox sees it and finally kicks him out of ringside. Storm chops Riho across the chest but Riho fights back with elbow strikes, tijeras to storm into the tiger kick and a diving crossbody. Storm is back up but Riho slams her down to the mat instead. Riho sets Storm up for a dragon suplex but Storm once again kicks out. Storm goes for a hip attack Riho moves out of the way, Storm hits her with a Storm Zero, Riho kicks out. Riho rolls her up and almost steals the win but Storm kicks out this time. She goes for another pin but Storm uses the ropes to break the count. Not long after, Storm retains the title with a DDT. Mariah May heads to the ring at the closure of the match with a bucket full of rose petals. She parades around Storm with the petals and Storm revels in it.

AEW Worlds End

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