AEW Fans Worried About Hangman Page After Potential Injury on Dynamite?

A special “Title Tuesday” edition of AEW Dynamite ended on a scary note, as the main event was cut short due to a potential injury to former AEW Champion “Hangman” Adam Page. Page was challenging current champ Jon Moxley for the title when the former took a hard lariat and landed awkwardly on his head and neck. The referee checked on Hangman, called the match in favor of Moxley, and brought in the medical team.

Page was put on a stretcher while still in the ring and taken out by the medical staff, leading many fans online and in the arena to worry about his health. In wrestling, there’s always a chance things like this could be part of the show, but the awkward landing and the behavior of the commentary team for the final minutes of Dynamite has many fans concerned about Hangman’s well-being.

Fans immediately flooded Twitter with thoughts, prayers, and well-wishes directed at Adam Page after his injury. Some noted that the injury to Page was incredibly scary to see, and that they “hope Hangman is alright.” That hope for Hangman’s good health was also shared by Moxley in the ring after the injury, noting that he hopes to see his opponent make a full recovery.

One fan wrote that they “really sincerely” hope for Page to be okay in the wake of the injury. Another fan echoed those sentiments, adding that their “heart hurts” after seeing the injury take place. Page is a well-loved by fans of AEW, and the outpouring on Twitter shows just how far that love stretches.

That love extended to other superstars in the wrestling community, as well. WWE’s Big E, who is currently recovering from a serious neck injury, tweeted that he was “praying for Hangman” after watching AEW Dynamite. WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley also took to Twitter to share some love with Page, writing “Prayers for Adam Page” on Tuesday night, followed by the praying hands emoji.


AEW hasn’t yet said anything official about Page’s injury, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated as any information is released.