Adin Ross Says Latest Twitch Ban Is Permanent

Controversial streamer Adin Ross has claimed that his latest ban from Twitch is of the permanent variety. Over the years, Ross has found himself banned from Twitch numerous times for a variety of different reasons. And while these removals from the streaming platform have always resulted in Ross coming back, now, in light of yet another ban from Twitch, it sounds like the door might no longer be open to such a return down the road.

Within the past day, Ross found himself banned from Twitch for the eighth time in his career. In light of the ban, many wondered what prompted Ross to be removed from the streaming site once again. And while Twitch itself hasn’t disclosed a reason publicly (which is a common practice), Ross has said that there was “no reason” behind the move.

“I already signed my deal to this s**t. It don’t matter. I’ve already locked myself in on Kick,” Ross said in response to the ban from Twitch during a recent stream on Kick. “Listen, I’m permanently banned on Twitch. It’s done. It’s already done. But I got permanently banned for no reason at all.

While Ross has claimed that there was no purpose or reason behind Twitch’s ban, it’s worth noting that the streamer has been under fire quite a bit within the past week. During a previous stream on Kick, Ross chose to openly stream pornography to his audience. And while this move prompted quite a bit of controversy on its own, Ross drew even more criticism for the decision as he was one that previously called for hot tub streams on Twitch to be banned outright. It’s not certain if this situation is what led to Twitch banning Ross from the platform this weekend, but either way, it doesn’t sound like Ross believes he’ll be impacted by the decision.


Why do you think that Twitch chose to ban Ross this time around? And do you think that this ban is actually permanent like Ross claims it is? Let me know either down in the comments or hit me up on Twitter at @MooreMan12.