Adam Cole Reveals Bad Update on Injury as MJF Finds New Challenger for AEW World Title

After a thrilling victory against the odds at AEW: Full Gear, AEW World Champion MJF and his Ring of Honor Tag Team Champion partner Adam Cole came to the ring to give an update during tonight’s episode of Dynamite. Unfortunately, the news wasn’t that great for Cole, who revealed that he isn’t anywhere close to being able to return to the ring, though he did promise he was doing everything he could to get back there. Both men were then confronted by the mysterious Devil on the TV screen but were then confronted in person by Samoa Joe, who was looking to collect on his deal with MJF. While MJF initially scoffed, the Champ did come around, and now Joe will face MJF at Worlds End for the Title.

MJF first addressed his match against Jay White at Full Gear. “Now, I just beat Jay White and your boy was rocking only one leg. I learned in those minutes that you are one of the best professional wrestlers in the world. However, nobody is on the level of the devil. Now now, you are looking at the AEW World Champion with the most successful Title defenses of all time. The youngest of all time. The youngest reigning of all time. And we can all agree, sometimes I can be a little bit too humble,” MJF said. “So what do you think Chicago, have I earned the right to toot my own horn a little bit tonight? You’re looking at the greatest AEW World Champion of all time!”

Cole said, “I mean this from the bottom of my heart. It’s also great that me and my friend Max are still your Ring of Honor Champions bay bay, with some help from Samoa Joe. With the good news comes the bad news. You all know my ankle is in bad shape. I’m not even close to being able to walk yet nonetheless wrestle again, but you have my promise I’m going to work every single day to return to AEW and do what I love to do.”

Cole expressed concern for MJF due to all the people gunning for him, including the masked Devil. MJF cut him off there, saying “that man didn’t want no competition. To the man behind that mask I’m going to find you and the hell I send you too is going to feel like heaven.”

Then the Devil laughed on a video screen, but the video quickly shut off. Afterwards, out came Samoa Joe, though those two things were probably not related. Joe had a deal in place with MJF for helping him out at Full Gear, and he was likely coming to collect.

“It seems we have a lot of concerned faces in this ring right now,” Joe said. “This is a time for celebration. Two massive victories in a weekend. You go out there and face all odds despite your less adequate friend not being able to defend you, and you stand here today as AEW Champion. Earlier in the night, MJF you went out there with one Samoa Joe and defended the ROH Tag Titles and started your night out right, for the simple price of giving me your AEW Championship rematch. So I’ve come to Chicago to make sure that honorable men honor their deals.”

MJF then insulted Joe’s breath and said he had thought long and hard about the deal and had come out with a reasonable response. “My response to your rematch request is as follows”, and MJF’s response was muted, but then Joe went to choke him against the ropes. Cole intervened and said he would talk to him. Cole said he couldn’t do this, and that the old MJF would say that, but not the new MJF and his best friend. Cole said his matches with Joe were always difficult, but he said he needed to do it anyway, saying that the crowd loves him because when he says something is going to happen it will happen. “Max, be a man of your word,” Cole said.

MJF then said he would give him the rematch tonight before delivering a shot at CM Punk. MJF said, “You know what Joe, you want me to face me here? Wouldn’t be the first Ring of Honor legend I beat here at Chicago…twice!”

“Absolutely not. No no no, I’m the bad guy. Let’s discuss what’s going to happen here. You’re going to complain that I wasn’t 100%, boo hoo hoo. No Max, you see, I want the best version of you. I want the fully healed Max. So I say by Worlds End, you should be ready to defend that Title,” Joe said

MJF accepted, and now MJF will face Joe at Worlds End, though it remains to be seen what role the masked Devil will have on things.

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